Both are true about us, about humanity.

The spiritually sensitive among us tend to emphasize that we are One in Spirit.
The activists and change makers want to right the wrongs
that have led to inequality and exploitation.

Both are essential to create a world where we can all thrive.

We cannot jump over how divided we are to get to unity.
Nor can we forget that we are One Humanity on One Planet if we want to heal our divisions.

You are invited and you are needed
to take a first step toward global healing
by partnering and participating in

A Call to Participate



Human beings create vigils, often staying up through the night, as a way of showing love and respect.

A vigil is a form of ritual, and since the dawn of time, human beings have used ritual to connect to the deepest dimensions of Life—and to mark the differences between tribes.

Now, at this time when fragmentation and tribalism of all kinds—nation, race, religion, ethnicity, politics—threatens to tear us apart, the binding force of ritual becomes even more important.

Because there is one tribe that we each belong to: humanity.

One World Bearing Witness is a new kind of ritual that allows us to come together globally to show our love and respect for all of humanity in its beauty and struggle.

Using the connectivity of the latest web-based videoconferencing, communities across the planet will be able to see and hear each other engage in rituals that express the beauty of unity and the intention for cultural healing.


Bearing witness has a deep spiritual, historical, and psychological significance that all relate to the intention behind One World Bearing Witness.

In Christianity and Islam, bearing witness refers to acknowledging and standing for the Light, Goodness, and Truth – no matter what the cost.
After the Holocaust in World War II and in contexts like the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission, bearing witness means bringing the truth to light so that a nation or people may grapple with their past. The core hope is never again.
In trauma therapy, where listening with empathy to someone’ s story is a first step in healing, bearing witness brings the survivor back into human community through the empathic recognition that he or she has suffered a deep moral wrong.

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There are many ways to get involved and to partner, sponsor, or participate. Click on the option below that inspires you most:

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I want to partner or help co-create the 24-hour event: If you are part of an organization, community, or group OR if you are engaged in cultural healing OR if you are a musician or artist and want to help create One World Bearing Witenss, then check the box here. Tell us how you would like to get involved by filling out the form. We look forward to meeting/being in touch with you!

I want to participate: That’s great–registrations are crucial for us to make this happen! Check the box if you want to take part in this event. Your presence is important to making this a global healing event.

I want to sponsor: Thank you very much—we need support. Whether you would like to offer in-kind help (PR, staff, tech support) or financial support, we really appreciate your generosity and care. Check the box to let us know how to reach you.

Join us in taking a collective step to heal our world.
Unity holding Division.
One World Bearing Witness
December 2-3, 2017